Global Sourcing and Business Support

Global Sourcing and Business Support

About us

At GSBS we do not merely supply you with the various products you need. Rather At GSBS, we are inspired to build a new kind of business initiative – that is direct supplier contact. Driven by our values, we offer our dedication, innovation and integration. From being able to provide you with Food Ingredients up to the Furniture, GSBS is certainly the first right step to take.

Our Specialities

As you may have noticed, GSBS is a firm which connects your business with the contacts you need – be it suppliers or buyers. We are currently thoroughly informed and well established in the carrageenan/seaweed, furniture and flooring industry – mainly in Indonesia.

However, we have solid resources in other industries as well. These range from the Food industry – such as food ingredients – and other sectors such as the raw materials industry.

The Carrageenan Industry 

Within the carrageenan Industry we are able to provide you the various types of carrageenan and their uses. Are you looking for a specific type, is it Iota or is it Kappa, is it Refined or Semi-refined, Mesh 60 or mesh 180? You name it, we find the tailored company for you.

The Furniture Industry

Today, the furniture industry is certainly dynamic, not to mention – competitive and innovative as well. Here, we present you with various design opportunities, starting from classical, modern/contemporary or if you prefer, your very own depiction. All you need to do is let us know and we will do the searching for you. We are able to connect you to companies based on your needs and target market. Are you looking for outdoor/indoor furniture? low-end/high-end? You name it, we settle it!

The Flooring/Decking Industry

The flooring industry is one which continues to innovate, starting from solid floors to laminates to PVC. At GSBS we are able to provide you various types of flooring and outdoor deckings.

So How do We Work?

In GSBS it is rather simple and straight forward. We prefer working in direct contact with you as clients. We however would like to get to know you & your business more. Send us a quick introduction alongside your enquiry through email. We will then get in touch with further details once your enquiry has been processed. Not to mention, the more complete your information is, the easier and faster it is for us to respond!

We look forward to hearing and working with you!

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